DIY – Wrapping Paper Bows

My cousin Jeanne has always been very artistic, in fact I don’t think there is any project be it a craft, or a beautiful painting that she can’t skillfully do. So when she offers to teach me how she has done something I pay attention, because I know what I am about to learn is going to be good.

One year at Christmas time I complemented the bows on the presents she had wrapped. She smiled then shared with me that she had made them herself. Then before I knew it we were in her living room and she was sharing with me step by step how to create these cool wrapping paper bows. I do not know where she learned this technique, and I would like to share this with you.

How many times do you finish wrapping a present only to find you have left over wrapping paper that will not be used? Like this:

What do you do with left over wrapping paper? A: Make a Wrapping Paper Bow!
First, make sure that all the edges of the left over wrapping paper are smooth. You can create a rectangle or a square shape.
Next, fold the wrapping paper in half.
Then, using scissors, begin to cut the wrapping paper into strips, stopping about an inch away from the crease.
After cutting the strips into the wrapping paper, open the wrapping paper and place with the printed side facing you.
Place a strip of wrapping paper in between your thumb and the closed blade of your scissors to begin curling the paper. Starting at the crease apply light pressure as you slide the scissors under the strips. This will make the wrapping paper curl just like curling ribbon.
This is what the wrapping paper will look like after you curl both sides of the paper.
Flip the paper over so that the printed side faces down.
Starting at the end that is closest to you, begin folding the wrapping paper in an accordion type style.
When you finish folding your wrapping paper will look like this.
Gather the wrapping paper in the center, then pinch and twist.
Continue to pinch and twist, about three times, to create a skinny middle. This is where you will affix sticky tape and secure to the present.
Secure wrapping paper bow to the present using clear sticky tape. You can continue to add more wrapping paper bows for a fuller look, or place an ornament in the middle, or other embellishment.
This is the finished wrapping paper bow using (3) bows total. So cute! So pretty!

You can get as creative as you like, such as using decorative blade scissors instead of straight edge, just be careful when curling the paper because it rips more easily. You can also take a curling ribbon shredder and shred the strips into fine strips then curl the fine strips in groups of 4 or more. And you can add curling ribbon to the center of the wrapping paper bow, or another festive item that will enhance your crafty wrapping paper bow. Happy wrapping everyone!

Love, S

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