DIY – Graham Cracker Houses

This year we made Graham Cracker Houses instead of Ginger Bread Houses. If you frequent Target you can also choose Ginger Crackers, they are in the Christmas Baking Section, next to the traditional Graham Crackers.

I was very impressed with the candy selection at Walmart this year. Many companies made their candy with the Holiday in mind. We found Whoppers that are made of white chocolate then decorated with green and red flecks of sugar. And Eclipse gum printed adorable candy canes on their traditional white rectangle shaped gum. This made the perfect little fence for our Graham Cracker House. Enjoy the photos!

We used regular white icing on the graham crackers, one graham cracker was kept whole for the base, then we broke the other graham crackers to create the walls.
These are the graham cracker walls.
This is the graham cracker roof, entirely edible.
Patience and gentleness was needed while spreading the icing, Seth did so well.
Adding the candy was fun! See the little Santa waiting by the candy cane fence?
Great Job Seth!

I hope you all will love creating these cool Graham Cracker Houses as much as we did, enjoy every minute of the season! RTS!!!

Love, S

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