Happy December 14, 2010 Give the Change! RTS!

Dear Readers,

Have you ever been in your car waiting at a traffic light, and glance over to find a smiling fireman carrying a boot towards your vehicle for their “Fill the Boot” campaign? You look into your purse or pockets to find – no change, then your eyes move down to the car change holder or cup holder, only to find – no change, next you start that all too familiar search for change on the floor of the car and in between the seats. By the time your search ends, there he is, smiling wide holding the boot, and we have to look him in the eye, hold up our hands, and mouth, “I’m sorry.”

Or perhaps you are walking into a store and you hear the bells ringing, and see the bright red kettle swinging from the holder with the faithful, and freezing bell ringer saying, “Merry Christmas and God Bless You.” You realize you have no change, and walk a little faster, and you don’t even think about making eye contact.

Well, like you I have been there, and let me share with you I feel like a total jerk when I can’t give a little something, especially when I know it for a good cause. So this year to RTS (Redeem the Season) I have a special “Give the Change” envelope. It stays close to me and when we go out, and I see an opportunity to give I am not searching around looking for quarters, or dimes, I am prepared and feel like the donation super hero of the day! Well, maybe not a super hero, but it does feel great to give.

Here are a few ways to collect change without really missing the change. First, decide how much you would like to give total, it may be five bucks it may be twenty-five bucks what ever the amount you decide is between you, God, and your family. Share with your family that we have a Give the Change envelope, or you may want to use a clear ziploc baggy so that you can keep track of your giving easier. Next you will want to go around the house looking for loose change, if you are super organized and have a change jar, you can get some change from there. Or, if you are a great financial guru and account for every single penny then you may need to visit your bank. An easy way to gather change is to just place the return change into the ziploc baggy after each transaction. This way you are not missing it, and your baggy gets filled fast. So the next time you are stopped at a traffic light and there is a group collecting for a cause you believe in, get out your ziploc baggy and “Give the Change”. If you are headed into the store and notice the famous bell ringers and red kettles, give each one in your family a coin or two and tell them we are going to “Give the Change” this is a great way to encourage your family to be givers, and you will never be caught empty handed again. RTS!!!

Love, S

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