Snow…The Drums…& RTS! Happy December 16, 2010 RTS

When the weatherman calls for snow, every child gets excited, while most adults sigh and think, shoveling snow, Ughhh.

Sometimes I wonder what happens to us as we “grow up” that changes our way of thinking and acting. For example, I had the honor of attending a Christmas Musical where two of our precious neighbors were singing. During one song the choir leader asked the school band drummers to the front. As soon as the children in the audience heard the drum beat they began wiggling and be-bopping, clapping their hands, and nodding their heads to the beat. All of the adults laughed and enjoyed the enthusiasm of the children. I smiled too, then wondered why aren’t we all enjoying this just like the kids are?

It’s the same thing when it we talk about snow, for some reason many of us do not see the snow as play time anymore. Instead we think about rock salt, shovels, and the commute to and from work. I doubt many grown ups wake up on a snowy morning and cheer to the top of their lungs, “YAY SNOW!”

Today as we RTS I say lets turn back the clock a little and take a minute to play in the snow. Make a snowman, while you’re shoveling the sidewalk. And then when your sidewalk is finished look around and see if you can help out a neighbor. How nice it would be if they came home to a shoveled sidewalk? Just an idea.

I hope we never forget the simple pleasures in life. I hope we can all laugh and enjoy every minute God has blessed us with, and I hope that while we are finding the beauty in each moment, even the beauty of snow, we never forget the beauty of life itself! RTS!!!

Love, S

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