Comfort, Joy, and A1 Sauce, Yeah Baby! December 9, 2010 RTS!

When I was a little girl my mom made this recipe for friends and family that would visit our home. I can still remember the smell of this dish cooking, and the excitement I felt to know we were going to have company. We have a military family so when my cousins would visit while they were home on leave this was her go-to dish. It was always a big hit.

I thought I would share this with you all now, because if you are like most families, chances are you are going to attend a few get togethers, or special gatherings this season. Many times the hostess of the party, gathering, or event has a lot on her plate, literally. When it comes to preparing food for friends and family we either go all out, and then are pooped out, or we go out to eat at a restaurant, or maybe every guest contributes and brings something good to eat from their creative kitchens. Whatever the case, today as we Redeem the Season, let’s offer the Hostess to bring a dish to help her out in the kitchen. Or you can make this awesome recipe for your own household any time of year! RTS by bringing a dish to a party, or surprise a neighbor and cook dinner for them, I hope this recipe blesses you and your loved ones. Enjoy my friends!

A.1-derful Sweet and Sour Meatballs


1 LB Ground Beef – 3 TBSP A.1. Steak Sauce – 1 Egg Beaten – 1/2 Cup Soft Bread Crumbs (I never add these and I do not miss them) – 1 Medium Clove of Garlic Crushed – 1 TSP Salt – 1 TBSP Oil – 1 Can Pineapple Chunks Drained

1 Cup Sliced Carrots – 1 Cup Sliced Celery – 3/4 Cup Beef Broth (I buy organic name brand I think it has a better flavor) – 2 TBSP A.1. Steak Sauce – 2 TBSP Soy Sauce – 1 TBSP Cider Vinegar – 1/4 TSP Ground Ginger (I used the ginger in a tube from Giant in the produce section last time, and it was great) – 1 TBSP Cornstarch: Add at THE END of cooking time – 1 Large Green Pepper (or Tri-Color Peppers) cut into strips: Add at THE END of the cooking time. (You can also add onions if you like).


Combine Beef, 2 Tablespoons of A.1. Steak Sauce, egg, bread crumbs, garlic, and salt. Mix together, then form 24 meatballs. In a large skillet, brown meatballs on medium to medium-high heat, brown meatballs until well done in oil; then drain. Add remaining ingredients EXCEPT cornstarch and green pepper. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes on medium heat. Dissolve cornstarch in 1 Tablespoon of water until water is cloudy white and there are no lumps in the cornstarch water mixture. Stir the cornstarch water mixture into the meatballs skillet, then add sliced green pepper. Simmer uncovered for 5 more minutes. Serve over rice. This recipe will serve 6 special people. ENJOY!

SIDE NOTE – If you are like me, your time is quite occupied. For this recipe I have learned to use my crockpot to help me out, and keep the meal hot until ready to serve. This is how I do it: After I brown the meatballs I place them into the crockpot, I then simmer the carrots and celery in a little butter to soften them, then I add them to the crockpot. Next I add the beef broth, and the rest of the ingredients into the the crockpot EXCEPT for the cornstarch and green peppers. I let the ingredients do their thing in the crockpot on high for about 20 minutes, then I add the cornstarch mixture. And change the heat setting to low on the crockpot. Sometimes I do not add the green peppers, however if I do, I will simmer them in a little butter as well to soften them, then add them to the crockpot after the cornstarch water mixture has been added. The green peppers will continue to soften in the crockpot. I love using this recipe because if you prepare it ahead of time you can freeze it then thaw it in the crockpot, or in the oven. All that is left to do is choose a side like rice, or make sweet and sour sandwiches, and enjoy.

Love, S

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