Baby It’s Cold Outside! RTS December 8, 2010

Please don’t think I am crazy, but today I was thinking of taking a walk to RTS. Well, tonight actually. When was the last time you walked, or drove around your neighborhood to look at all the pretty Christmas Lights?

Every year our neighbors do a fabulous job of hanging beautiful, twinkling, Christmas lights, the least we can do is admire them right? Plus getting out of the house, to look at lights is so much less stressful then getting out of the house to shop, right? Our neighbors across the street displays beautiful Christmas lights in their back yard, they place their lit arrangements in such a way that we can open the shades on our window and enjoy the view. My mother commented one year how she enjoyed their Christmas lights and now every year since they purposely display the lights in such a way that we can enjoy them as well. How great is that?

What if we took Christmas Light Looking to the next step, and gathered the addresses of those who really went all out, then dropped them a thank you card in the mail for decorating their house? I know the neighbors would be so surprised to get a thank you note for decorating their own home, and it would most likely make their day that someone took the time to notice.

So today on this very crisp, and cold December 8, 2010 I say let’s bundle up tonight, take a walk around our neighborhoods, or get into the car and drive around to appreciate all the hard work that went into decorating for the Christmas season.

Don’t forget to bring your pad and pencil to collect the addresses of the best decorated, or most unique homes. When we all get home we can warm up with hot cocoa, or if we drive we can get some from Starbuck’s while we are out, and write our Christmas Light Looking thank you cards! Let’s surprise our neighbors with the gift of appreciation as we Redeem the Season together! Happy Christmas Light Looking!

Love, S

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