The Gift That Gives for 10 Years! December 10, 2010 RTS

Gift giving is a great part of this wonderful time of the year. Many of us spend much time and energy searching for the “perfect” gift for our loved ones, so when I read about this idea I thought what a great way to Redeem the Season!

The idea is a perpetual (10 year) calendar, it is a little work on the gift giver’s part, however it is a gift that will make your loved one smile year after year.

The calendar is made by cutting index cards to fit a nice small box, then you would use a date stamp to identify each index card by date, leaving off the year. Next, you arrange the cards in the box by month separating the months by vintage postcards, or colorful card stock, or perhaps fun photos of you and the gift recipient. You can take it a step further by writing a short poem, phrase, or encouraging scripture on all cards or a chosen few.

When you give the calendar to your loved one, explain that this is a special calendar that is meant to record their special memories. The owner of the calendar takes a minute each day to first write down the year on the first line, then they write a thought, special event, or moment that happened that particular day of that year. The date card is then moved to the back of the box. As the years pass it will be fun to look back and reflect on what happened on that day of the following year. Since we are approaching 2011, this makes a great gift to record the next decade of events, and special thoughts.

The link with photos of the calendar with all the how to information is below. Out of respect for the owner of this idea I am referring you to their Blog. I really hope you like this idea as much as I did, and remember you can create this however you like, vintage, modern, traditional, you are the artist, get creative and have fun! RTS!!! Love, S   Here is the link:

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