Christmas Care Cards – December 4, 2010 (RTS)

When I first learned about this idea I fell in love instantly. What a great way to show appreciation and love to your friends and family, while teaching your children the value of “valuing others.”

Every year I say I am going to do this and every year with all the events of the Holidays I wind up saying, “Next year.” So dear readers, I thought if I Blog about this, you could help me be accountable to make this year the year that we offer Christmas Care Cards.

This is how it works, for every Christmas Card snail mailed to your home, you save the return address, and the card. After Christmastime is over and it’s time to take down your beautiful display of Christmas Cards, match them back to their envelopes, or as soon as you open them place a sticky note with the cards givers address on the back.

Place all the cards in a basket, or decorated box (this makes for a great family activity if you have each member take a turn decorating the card box). This card box was designed by Laura Griffen, her website is:

Once per month, week, or day, depending on how many Chrstimas Cards you receive or what your family schedule is like, have a family member choose a card from the Christmas Care Card basket/box. It is a good idea to have everyone together when you are choosing the card, then hold up the card and share who it is from, next have everyone hold the card together and together say a special prayer of blessing over the Christmas Card giver and their family. You can stop there or go on to the next step.

Once you have said a prayer for the family, if the card opens traditionally and is not a picture card, you will need to cut the card into two halves. Choose the picture side of the card that does not have a written message.

Turn the card over and draw a straight line down the middle of the unwritten side. You have just made a postcard.

Front of Christmas Care Card Postcard
Back of Christmas Care Card Postcard - you get the idea.

Next take a minute to write a loving message to the original Christmas Card giver. Share why you are sending their Christmas Card back with a blessing and that your family said a special prayer for them that day. Here is an example:

Dear Lukas Family,

This year our family saved every Christmas Card, we placed them in a box and every month, week, or day, we choose a card from the box. We say a prayer of blessing over the family who gave us the wonderful card, today we chose your card. We made it into a postcard to let you know that we thought of you, and prayed for you and your family today, we love you, and we appreciate your friendship. Have a great day.


The Smith Family

I hope this idea blesses you and the ones you bless by your prayers and your loving thoughts towards them this upcoming year. This little project will only cost you a few postcards stamps, and your time, but I have a feeling it will be well worth it, and you can feel good knowing that you are Redeeming the Season. Have a wonderful day!

Love, S

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