ORNAMENT NIGHT!!! Redeem the Season (RTS) – December 3, 2010

Ornament night is a great way to RTS. I got the idea from the book Redeeming The Season by: Kim Wier and Pam McCune. This is a great way to enjoy Christmastime. Ornament night can be a night out with the ones you love, or perhaps a night in actually making the Ornaments, instead of purchasing them. It is a good idea to have your Ornament night before you decorate your Christmas tree. Here is a peak into our Ornament night. Enjoy!

We started our Ornament night with dinner out, we enjoy Carraba’s Italian Grill so that was the restaurant we chose. Dinner out is an option and a fun way to begin the evening, However, you can always go out for ice cream or hot chocolate, after a good meal at home.


After a delicious italian dinner, we were ready to hunt for Ornaments. This year we decided to visit The Hallmark Store. We were not disappointed, the selection was wonderful! Seth really took his time looking at the detail of each ornament before making his final selection. This is a process that you just cannot rush.

What I love about Ornament night is that we are helping Seth to build his Ornament collection now. When Scott and I got married, I worked for Smyth, and decided to start collecting Swarovski Crystal Christmas Ornaments, back then they were $35.00 each, and I got an employee discount. Now they are up to $60.00 and more. This is the only thing I collect, and I think the reason why is because we can easily put them away, and I do not have to worry about displaying them in a curio cabinet or dusting the collection. My goal was that when Scott and I had children, and they were grown, we would give them the crystal ornaments starting with the year of their birth. I have to say, a Christmas tree full of crystal is a beautiful sight. Here is the 2010 Swarovski Ornament.


As the years have gone by I appreciate our collection more and more. However, now that we have another baby on the way, next year I would be buying 2 Swarovski Crystal Ornaments, one for each child. Can someone say Chaaa-Ching? So, having an Ornament night is a great idea for us, and later when Seth and his future little brother or sister has their first Christmas with their families they will have a great start with a wonderful collection that they chose as they grew up. These are the ornaments that Seth chose, both are popular children’s cartoons.

Have a Happy December 3, 2010 everyone, thank your for reading our blog, and thank you for subscribing, and commenting. We wish everyone a wonderful and joyous time this year as you Redeem the Season!

Love, S

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