Do Something Unexpectedly Nice – December 5, 2010 (RTS)

Dear Readers,

I was not going to blog this because it is more of a quiet personal thing that I did, however the more I think about it, the more it blesses me, and so I thought it would touch your hearts too.

First please let me say that I am not tooting my own horn. I believe that some things we do are better kept just between us and God. There is a scripture in the Bible that says God rewards the private secret things that we do not make public. And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ. – Col 3:23-24 Jesus also reminds us not to be prideful and say look at me look what I’ve done for God. Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.
(Matthew 6:1) Some things we do are just special between us and our Heavenly Father. Thank you for letting me share that.

Now that I feel like you understand where I am coming from, and know that this is a personal story to bless and encourage you to Do Something Unexpectedly Nice, let’s continue.

Last evening, I was at Yia Yia’s Bakery picking up Christmas Cookies for church. We had ordered 2 big trays of a delicious variety of all types of cookies. As I was waiting for our order, I noticed there was a uniformed National Air Force Guard with her hands full of bags of cookies, I overheard her talking about cakes. I offered her a space on the counter to place her armful of cookies, but she said she was alright. I smiled and turned around to face the cashier, and that’s when I heart it. Almost audible, that voice that I know and love said, “Stephanie, pay for her order.” Some people call it your conscience, others say it’s an angel that whispers in your ear, I think it’s God’s voice helping me along the way. So I said, “Ok, I will,” quietly to myself. I had no idea how much her order would be, and I did not want her to refuse me. So I politely asked the cashier to use my card for the order behind me. I said, “If she gives you a hard time, and doesn’t want to accept, please tell her I insist and want to show my appreciation for her service to our Country.” Then I smiled gathered my cookies and went to the Grocery-Go-Getter (the Van) to place them inside. After I shut the Van door, I turned around and there she was, in uniform, smiling from ear to ear. Then she asked, “Were you the lady in front of me?” I smiled and answered yes. Then she asked me if I knew she had purchased a cake too, I said yes. Then she beamed even brighter and said THANK YOU! These, (looking down at her order), are for my Squadron tomorrow for our Holiday party! That thrilled me, I had no idea, now I had not blessed just her, but her entire Squadron, God is so good! I smiled back and said, “Great! God Bless You and Merry Christmas! Thank you for your service.” Then she looked at me very serious and said, “Thank you for your support.”

She got into her car and drove away, and then I looked at Scott, who was waiting in the car because his foot was bothering him and we had been out all day. He asked, “Did you just pay for her order?” I said, “Yes.” Then he smiled. I am so glad that Scott and God “gets” me. And I am so glad that God decided to use me in that moment to let an entire Squadron know that they are cared for, loved, and appreciated.

What Unexpected Nice thing can you do for someone today? It doesn’t have to cost you anything, you can hold the door open for someone, or let someone in front of you while waiting in line. Have a great December 5, 2010 and remember to Redeem the Season!

Love, S

2 thoughts on “Do Something Unexpectedly Nice – December 5, 2010 (RTS)

  1. Wow! What a wonderful act of obedience and love. I’m so proud of you. I know what it feels like to be unsure of yourself when you believe the Holy Spirit is guiding you. You can’t go wrong with an act of kindness. As long as you continue to give God the glory, it’s ok to be proud of what He did and share it. We get you.

  2. Steph, I love this post. As a mom two of the qualities I want my children to have is a giving spirit and compassion. I believe compassion can’t be taught, but caught. Each year when my children were small we would load up our mini-van at Christmas time and give groceries and nonperishables to widows on a fixed income. We would also take a hot meal and share it with them. My children always looked forward to those visits. Thankfully, now that my children are older they are the ones initiating acts of kindness, and it brings joy to my heart.

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