Redeem the Season – Happy Chanukah December 2, 2010

Hello Friends and Happy Chanukah!!!

Today as we “Redeem the Season”  – (RTS) – I am reminded of our friends that celebrate Chanukah and the miracle of The Festival of Lights. Last evening our family decided to observe Chanukah, Seth had a great time, and we all enjoyed adding this special Holiday to our Christmas Season. Enjoy the pictures and the videos!

If you are not familiar with the history of Chanukah enjoy the fun video explanation below:

Since our family believes that Jesus is our Savior we recognize that as we light the Chanukah candles on the Menorah that Jesus is the “Light of the World” even in the darkest of times. We also emphasize that the Shamash candle (the servant “helper” candle used to light the other candles). The Shamash candle gives us a picture of Jesus as He served others during His ministry here on earth. We then share that we are to be like Jesus, and serve others with gladness and joy, so that the light of Christ will shine through us, and make the world a brighter, happier place.

We began the evening by lighting the Menorah and saying the blessings.

Next we opened presents and remembered that Jesus is the best present any of us could receive!

We enjoyed Latke’s and Jelly Donuts! These are traditional foods shared during Chanukah because they are made with oil. Since the oil lasted 8 days, the act of eating this food is another gentle reminder of God’s provision, and goodness.

We also played Spin the Dreidel, there is an inscription on each side when combined it stands for – A GREAT MIRACLE HAPPENED. Depending on what letter faces up after the Dreidel stops spinning determines what each player must do to play the game. For example if the letter facing up reads “Nun” you do nothing, or if you spin and the Dreidel lands on “Hay” you get to keep half of the goodies in the center of the table. Some people play using chocolate filled gold coins. We played using candy chocolate kisses. You can google How to play Dreidel for more information. There is also a great make your own Dreidel craft picture below from By the way Seth won all the kisses, fair and square.

We all enjoyed learning about Chanukah and celebrating the miracle of God’s provision and of God’s greatest gift to us all His Son Jesus. If you want to add this celebration to your family traditions the video below will give you a great idea of how to make your own Menorah. There are plenty of Chanukah How To’s online, just Google or YouTube Chanukah.

Here is a fun and safe way for the kids to celebrate Chanukah. Enjoy the video, and have a Happy Chanukah! Redeem the Season!


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