Family “Movie” Night – Today’s Thankful Thought November 12, 2010

Today my “Thankful Thought” is directed to Seth because this was his idea. So thank you Seth for wanting to spend time with our family and for thinking of this Family Night theme, we all had fun!

The times we all spend together, in the same room, watching TV are very few and far between. One day Seth shared with me that he wanted us all to sit down, and not do anything, but watch a movie at home. Even at age 7 he is smart enough to realize when mom and dad need a break. We are always on the go, and ministry keeps us very occupied. We do set aside time for the family, but watching a movie on the couch is rare. Normally we go out, or we hang out at home and do something fun.

I really wanted our Family Movie Night to be very special, especially since Seth had the idea. So here are some things that we did to enhance the evening and make it special. Enjoy the pictures. And please tell me, what are you thankful for today?

The evening began with Pizza from Pizza John’s.

We ate dinner early so we could enjoy snacks later. I really wanted this night to be special so we created a Box Office to sell tickets, and a Concession Stand for the candy. Our little neighbor Tommy wanted to visit us too so that made the night even more special when he called to come over and play. He had no idea what he was walking into, and Seth just laughed and laughed because we gave Tommy a fun surprise when we “Welcomed him to the Movies” it was fun!


The Box Office

Tickets were sold at the Box Office, Seth and Tommy took turns. We each presented a quarter to the ticket booth worker and then it was placed in the rockin green piggy bank you see here. Seth designed the piggy bank with bendaroo’s awhile ago, and was thrilled to be able to add to his piggy bank on this evening.

I printed signs that said Box Office and Concession Stand, then placed them in their areas so we could visit each station just like at the real theater. For the tickets, I found a clip art design online, then used Print Shop to change the words on the ticket to Family Movie Night. Everyone thought is was cool that they had to purchase their own ticket to get into the movie. I supplied the quarters for the cost of the ticket.

Next we visited the Concession Stand. We did not have to purchase the snacks, we just chose what we wanted, the Concession Stand snacks were included with the price of the movie ticket. Tommy was so excited to choose his candy he kept picking out what he wanted in advance, it was adorable. Seth is not real big on candy, but he enjoyed shopping for candy, and picked out a few things to bring into the theater.

The big kids picked out candy too.

Our neighbors are all awesome. Since Tommy wanted to visit I asked his mom if he could stay for movie night. Then she offered to share their awesome kettle corn popcorn that they purchased from our other dear neighbors for Boy Scouts (we bought the chocolate covered popcorn, next year I am buying kettle corn too, it was so good). Thank you Tommy for bringing the popcorn!

After everyone had their snacks. We turned out the lights, and gave Seth and Tommy a flashlight so they could find their way to their seats.

Then we all relaxed as a family and enjoyed the show, Seth got his wish because everyone he loved was there, doing nothing, just hanging out and being together. It was great!

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