Dear Veterans, THANK YOU! November 11, 2010

Dear Veterans and those serving, Thank you for volunteering to serve our country. The U.S.A. is a better place because of you. Thank you for every time you marched in the cold, rain, and ate MRE’s because your wife, or mom was not with you to cook a delicious meal for you. And, if you ate those MRE’s in the desert sand, thanks for not thinking about the grit in each bite. Thank you. Thank you for giving your precious time to serve with honor and dignity, whether you agreed with policies, procedures, or politics, you did your job. Time is the one valuable thing we cannot replace. Thank you. Thank you for braving rough storms at sea, when the ship seemed smaller than the swells, you were brave, you held on, and you continued to serve. Thank you. Thank you pilots for flying into the very mouth of hell, you placed yourself in harms way so that your friends, family, loved ones and neighbors could be safe. Thank you. Thank you to those who worked or work behind the scenes everyday, your job may not be visual, and you may not get recognized, but you matter, and everything you do matters, and the military would not be the same without you. You know who you are. Thank you. Thank you to the ones whose job we may never know about, the secret ones, the ones who keep us free by working very dangerous, very risky jobs, all for our freedom. We may never know what you did, or do, or the things you have seen that you will have to carry with you. Thank you for it all. Thank you veterans, thank you US Military, thank you US Military Familes for sharing your loved one so that we can be free. Thank you.

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