Thankful Thought November 15th, 2010

Today I am thankful for surprises from God. A few years ago we cut down 2 very huge oak trees in our yard. We had to cut the trees down. When it was time to remove the stump, we decided to grind one stump, and wait to have the other one done. We had already spent over a thousand bucks so had to wait. So we waited, and one year turned into another, and every fall we decorated the stump with mums, hay, and a scarecrow, and then at Christmas we placed the manger scene on the stump. I know it sounds crazy but it really worked and made for nice pictures. We wanted to make the best of the situation.

So this past Saturday the doorbell rings, it is a young couple, driving around our neighborhood looking for work, they were tree specialists and had a stump grinder with them. He shared with us that he would grind the stump for a hundred bucks. Being so close to Christmas we are watching every penny, and I had not budgeted for an extra $100.00 to be removed from our account. However, I knew this was a good deal since our last quote we received was $250.00. After I talked with Scott, I went with my gut feeling, and we went ahead and spent the money. In the back of my mind I am thinking you know what I am just going to trust God to help me figure out the rest of the week. I knew we would not be at a hardship, so I just let it go.

FOUR HOURS LATER….THE VERY SAME DAY!!! We looked the mail, and found an unexpected check for $105.00! Is God good or what? We got our money back the same day plus some, and got a great deal on stump removal, and blessed a young couple looking for work! God loves us all so much, sometimes we just need to follow that gut instinct and trust Him, I am so glad I did Saturday! Have a great day everyone. What is your thankful thought?

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