Sweet Treats Sunday

Sweet Treats Sunday was an absolute BLAST! This year at Safe Haven Church we decided to do something different, instead of the Trunk-n-Treat Fest we normally do. Two big reasons – we just moved into our new location and we are still adjusting, most happily, and two, with me expecting my dear husband knew I would be running around like crazy during the event and thought this year we should take it easy.

We were so blessed by the incredible turnout of little and taller friends helping us celebrate Sweet Treats Sunday. Here is a small peak into our special day, enjoy!

Everyone attending Sweet Treats Sunday dressed up, it was great fun!

Pictures were taken of every friend dressed up in their cool costumes!

After pictures there was great music and dancing!

Worship Leaders Swedo and Jill having fun.

During the song "Let your Light Shine" we passed out Glow Sticks, the kids loved this idea!
The "Taller" friends liked the Glow Sticks too!

Next everyone enjoyed our “Sweet Treats” story.

Our "Sweet Treats" story characters, Candy Corn, and Tootsie Pop.


Our next character, Licorice, joined our story.

The story was about three candies in a candy shop. Two of the candies were most popular and always chosen by the children, Candy Corn, and Tootsie Pop. Candy Corn was chosen because of it’s pretty colors and sugary sweetness, Tootsie Pop was chosen because of the gooey wonderful chocolate surprise inside. But Licorice was only chosen once in a while.

Licorice is chosen!

One day a little boy entered the candy shop with his mommy and his little sister. He was working on a special project and needed a very special kind of candy…LICORICE!

The little boy was decorating a cake for his Grandma, he used Candy Corn for the eyes, a Tootsie Pop for the nose, and Licorice for the smile.

Decorating Grandma's Cake

Grandma was so happy that the little boy chose Licorice for the smile, because it was her favorite candy as a little girl. The boy was thrilled, and Licorice finally felt important and special.

Grandma's decorated cake

We learned that sometimes we all feel a little like Licorice, dull, not important, not special enough. But Jesus sees us differently, He sees us as unique, special, and important. He chooses us and wants to be our VERY BEST FRIEND!

Is Jesus your BFF?

All you have to do is ask him, just like we did Sunday, here’s how: Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus, please forgive me of all my mistakes. Help me to love you and to love others at all times. Jesus, be my best friend, never leave me. Thank you for listening to me, thank you for the gift of Your friendship. In Jesus name, AMEN!

(Dear Blog reader, if you just prayed that prayer AWESOME! We want you to know we are praying for you and want to keep in touch with you. Email me or comment on this post and include your email, we are so happy for you and the angels in heaven are cheering!)

We now return to the rest of our BLOG…

The next fun thing we did was a COSTUME PARADE! All the friends were introduced and every friend was a WINNER! They received gold medals for their costumes and a bag full of candy with a FREE GIFT COUPON inside. When they return next Sunday they will receive a special gift they can redeem with their coupon!

Every friend was rewarded, it was so much fun!


Pizza line moved fast thanks to all the extra help, thanks Koren!

This was such a great event, if anyone wants a copy of the “Sweet Treats Story” please post a comment on this blog with your 411, and I’ll be happy to share. Thanks for reading our blog and pass it on to your friends, THANK YOU dear readers, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


3 thoughts on “Sweet Treats Sunday

  1. Christine Stidham November 2, 2010 — 12:07 pm

    fab pics

  2. Thanks Scott and thanks Christine, the cute little friends made the costume pics fab! Thanks for sharing you time with us Christine it was great to see you :o)

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