Greet Each Day with Thanks!

This year we are celebrating “being Thankful” all 30 days of November, by greeting each day with thanks. After all, why not celebrate our blessings every day? To get in the spirit of thankfulness, I purchased a count down to Thanksgiving calendar from LifeWay Christian Bookstore:

Here is a picture of our fabulous countdown calendar

Here’s what we do, we each thing of something, anything at all, that we are thankful for. We acknowledge that our blessings come from the Lord, then we write down our “thankful thought” or draw a picture on a small piece of paper.

Then we insert the paper into the correct calendar date pocket.

On Thanksgiving day I plan to pull out all the “thankful thoughts” and together we will read them as a family and thank God for all He has done for us.


Today’s “thankful thoughts” are:

Seth is thankful for his new toy he received this weekend.

Scott is thankful for the new addition to our family in March 2011.

Stephanie is thankful for her freedom because of our armed forces and because of Jesus.

What is your “thankful thought” for today?

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