The must see, must post pictures of The Pumpkin Farm

Mommy, Baby, Seth, and Dad

I think somewhere written in The Laws of Being a Good Parent there is a yearly tradition that must be upheld in the Fall called: Visiting the Pumpkin Farm. This year Scott and I decided to take Seth to Weber’s Farm. We love Weber’s because there is so much for the kids and the parents to do together! And of course there is awesome apple cider, carmel apples, and this year we discovered the pit turkey! YUM-O!


This year we were blessed to experience Weber’s with our dear friends Rich and Jill as well as their totally cute little boy Noah! We all had a great time, the weather was absolutely perfect, and I really want to visit one more time before Thanksgiving, enjoy the pics!

My little boy is not so little anymore.
Rick A.K.A "Cookie" - Noah, the Firefighter, and Jill A.K.A. - Elmo, really Jill-Mo.
Seth with decorated pumpkin-scarecrows, the theme was Three Blind Mice.
The Three Little Piggies
Jill and I

Seth and Dad

Mini-Hay Maze


Duck Racing with Water Pumps

Clowning Around
This was the first year Seth went down the slide by himself!
Tasting Apply Cider...I think he likes it?
Seth promoted himself from using a wagon to a wheel barrow this year, so grown.
Next year we'll have another little pumpkin joining us!


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