DIY Kirby Birthday Party

This year Seth decided he wanted to have a Birthday Party with a Kirby theme. We normally just have a small gathering of family and friends not a big shindig, but this year we decided to have a big party. Mainly because with a new baby on the way we knew things would be changing and we wanted to do something extra special for Seth.

I wanted to post the birthday ideas for you to review because when I was looking for Kirby Birthday party I really had a hard time finding things like decorations, favors, invitations…You name it and it was like searching for a needle in a haystack, ya’ll. So…I thought I would share with you what I did to make Seth’s 8th Birthday Kirby Party fun and memorable.

Invitations: I handmade them. It took a long time because I worked on the invites in my free time, which who has a lot of free time, right? I went to the craft stores and purchased card stock, and blank greeting cards, sparkly markers, and a circle cutter, I used our Mac to create the actual wording for the invitations. I think they turned out well.

First I used a circle cutter to cut out the Kirby body.
This is the circle cutter I used, it worked well.
Next I used the circle cutter to cut another circle from red card stock for Kirby's feet.
Using scissors, I cut the red card stock in half, then trimmed the edges to make feet.
Here is one of Kirby's feet.
Next, I cut out Kirby's arms.
Then I glued the shapes together to form Kirby's body.
Using the Mac, stickers, and drawing skills, Seth and I made Kirby's face, then glued a You're Invited label, and the Kirby figure to the front of the card.
Here is another view of the invitation.
This is the inside of the invitation. We used our computer for the wording, and Googled an image that we edited to go with the theme of the party.
I made Kirby cupcakes for Seth's party at day care.
I made this Happy Birthday Seth sign and featured his pictures through the years.
Goody Bags for Day Care party.
Contents of Goody Bags.
I made these Kirby balloons for decorations for Seth's Day Care Party and his other party too. I used pink balloons, and red card stock that I cut into the shape of a heart for Kirby's feet. I used markers for the eyes, cheeks, and mouth.
This is the favor table for Seth's 8th Party.
The actual favor buckets for Seth's party. We used a Meta Knight image and placed Seth's face over the face of the Meta Knight for fun. The label reads, Thank you for celebrating with me.
I made Seth's Birthday shirt using an image from Google and Iron On transfers. We hired a face painter, who duplicated Meta Knight (a character from Kirby) beautifully! Check out Seth's arm.
These are the Kirby Cake Pops I made, they turned out so cute. I went on YouTube to learn how to make the cake pops.
Birthday Cake!
The Craft Table - Make Your Own Kirby (using balloons), and Make Your Own Photo Frame Craft.
Guests signed a wooden frame as a keepsake for Seth.
Table decorations were simple, star balloons, blue tablecloths, and star balloon weights. Kirby has a star ship so we adding stars to the party to enhance the theme.
We designated a special time to take pictures with the guests. Then when we sent out Thank you cards we placed the photo of Seth and the guests in their Thank You card. If they made a photo frame craft they could place the photo from the party into their frame.

We wanted the guests to have time to enjoy the Amphitheatre Game Room, where they have Wii and XBox available on HUGE movie screens. The venue also had a pool table, Air Hockey, Basketball, and other fun things for everyone to enjoy.

During the party we were able to use the Video Voting Game System as well. Each guest sat in a theater seat with a remote voting device. We then asked questions with Seth’s party theme and about Seth for the guests to answer, it was multiple choice. They used the voting remotes to answer the questions. Everyone loved playing the game.

Video Voting Game Time!

We also played an obstacle game, and each guest had to complete a different task to complete the obstacle. One task was walking on the words “SETH IS 8” then they had to crawl on pink “Kirby” bubble wrap without popping the bubbles. Prizes were awarded to all players.

We used tagboard to make the words SETH IS 8 for one of the party games.

Everything for both of Seth’s Kirby parties were handmade, because we could not purchase Kirby themed party items. Or, we used stars and other general items that helped to enhance the theme of Seth’s Kirby party. I found most of what I needed at The Dollar Store, Michael’s Craft Store, JoAnne Fabrics, A.C. Moore Craft Store, Target, and of course Walmart! I planned and planned for this party, I used a designated folder to hold the contents of the Party Planning ideas, items I needed to purchase and receipts. It was very helpful to take with me when we decorated for Seth’s 8th Birthday Party. I plan to use a Party Planning folder or binder for all other future events, that is how easy it made our lives. Perhaps I’ll blog about the Party Planning Book at a later date. Thank you for reading this blog, I hope this gave you some great ideas if you decide to have a Kirby party too! We had Seth’s party at The Amped Up Amphitheatre (the same location we have our church services – shameless plug). or

Have a great evening!



14 thoughts on “DIY Kirby Birthday Party

  1. We had so much help from family and friends when decorating for Seth’s 8th Birthday Party. I would love to thank and acknowledge my sweet husband, my dear friend Kim A. and my sister-in-law Kim C, and nieces Dani and Sam. Also my sweet mother, and the owner of Amped Up Mr. Mike and his wonderful staff. This party would not have happened without you all. THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. You are so right! There’s a business opportunity for someone out there. My son wants a Kirby themed birthday party and I couldn’t find anything for favors – decorations – prizes – etc. Thank you so much for the inspiration. If anyone else is trying this theme (there have to be others!) there is one place you can take a minor short cut. To save time on invitations (yours were lovely by the way) you can actually get ones pre-made on ebay. Just type in Kirby & birthday & invitations and it brings up awesome ticket style ones that they will customize for you. They send electronic copy and you get them printed at walmart (or wherever) Less personal maybe – but also less work! Check it out.
    Thanks again for helping us give our son the party he really wanted!
    – Josh

    1. Hi Josh,
      Thank you for reading! Hope all goes well with your son’s party, have a wonderful time!

  3. Fantastic ideas! My soon to be 5 yr old son LOVES Kirby and has requested a Kirby party. Absolutely “stealing” the make your own Kirby idea.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! It was so much fun and very rewarding getting everything together for our son last year. Enjoy!

    2. Hi Jennifer!
      So glad you loved the Kirby ideas, I know it’s been awhile but I wanted to thank you personally for commenting. Have a great day!

  4. clearly there is a market for the Kirby-themed party! My 6-year-old is adamant – that’s all he wants for his 7th! Thanks for the wonderful ideas – I especially like the balloons – quick & easy!

    1. Hi KJ thank you for commenting and I am happy that you found the Kirby Party Ideas helpful! I hope your 6 year old had a blast!

  5. Thanks for all the great Ideas! I was at a complete loss as what to do for my daughter’s 5th birthday when she requested a Kirby Party..

    1. Stephanie I am very happy your found the Kirby Birthday Ideas helpful! Thank you for taking the time to comment, how was your daughter’s party?

  6. Stephanie – just found your post as I prepare for my son Zach’s 8 th birthday this November. Love your ideas and plan to use several of them. Thank you!!!
    Lisa Bardusch

    1. Thank you Lisa! I went on your blog and I am thrilled to have been a little part of your party planning! What a compliment. Looks like you all had a great time. Many blessings to you and your sweet family.

  7. Thank you for these ideas they look great, I am starying to prepare for my son’s 6th birthday aprty ad I am going crazy. on evitem you can make your own backgrouind too and load pictures that you save from the internet of Kirby and freinds. I am trying to get custyomized napkins and plates, anyones knows where I can do that?

  8. I actually found more ideas, on hallmark .com you can make your own plates with any image you want so I was able to download a kirby picture and do that, they turned out awsome. I also made my own sticker using microsoft words that is used for labels nad made a variety of stickers with different pictures. All you need is a computer and a color printer

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