Chicken Nuggets????

Hello Dear Readers,

Since we are still on the subject of Loving our Families this month, I thought I would share this with you all. When I received this email this morning from BEWELLBUZZ.COM I knew I had to pass this on. I was amazed by the outcome of this experiment and if you have never viewed this on YOUTUBE you may just be amazed as well.

Scott and I recently made a decision not to frequent certain fast food places. For the sake of not getting sued I will say there are only 2 fast food places with drive up service that we will purchase meals from for Seth. I can tell a big difference in Seth, since we stopped going through the drive through as much, especially since we have narrowed our selections. We are so not perfect and I know we need to advance in making healthy decisions for our family, but at least this is a start. Before I became pregnant I did not eat meat at all, for 3 years, I was a strict vegetarian, and ate mostly organic about 80%. Then my body craved meat so I gave in and became a carnivore again. We still eat mostly organic as much as we can, especially when our favorites are in season. Now, I eat chicken and beef, I have learned that having a little meat in my diet at this time during the pregnancy is not so bad for me. For the moment, anyway.

So I pray this video will educate you the way it educated me, and help us all to make better choices. ❤ Your Family.



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