Love Notes

Today as we “Heart our Families” I thought it would be cool to share this craft. I got the idea from a blog I enjoy:

We made Valentine Boxes, and decorated them with stickers and a photo of the mailbox owner. During the day we make the time to write or draw a loving thought or picture to the recipient. Then we raise the flag on the mailbox so that the recipient knows they’ve got mail. We will continue this throughout the month.

I went to Target (just as Holly suggested in her blog) and purchased the mailboxes for a $1.00 each. We had some Valentine stickers in our craft kit from earlier purchases at Target, Michael’s and The Dollar Store. This is what our mailboxes look like:


Now it’s your turn! We had a great time making these mailboxes, thanks for the awesome idea!

Today’s challenge is to make a mailbox for your loved one. Get creative and use everyday items around the home, like a shoe box, or other cardboard box, markers, construction paper, you can even use paper plates here is the youtube link to the paper plates craft:

No matter what art supplies you choose have fun, and make someone feel special.

Big Hugs,


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