Heart My Family

Hello Dear Readers,

This month “The Love Month” we will be talking about ❤ My Family! I am so excited and thrilled about this subject. This is also the theme we will be teaching on at Safe Haven Church- http://www.safehavenchurch.info (shameless plug).

When you think about ❤ My Family, do you think about all the sacrifices you have made and are making so that your family can have a better quality of life? Maybe you think about special family times in the past where you all have gathered together and felt the warmth and love of those surrounding you. Or, maybe you no longer have a connection with your family, and your friends are more like family to you. No matter what your family situation is, chances are there are people in your life that you care about and love, they are your family.

When is the last time you shared your feelings of love and admiration with your family? I know it is so easy to let the hours of each day pass by and the next thing we know the days turn to weeks, months, then even years.

Today’s ❤ My Family challenge is to say thanks to someone in your family and show appreciation to them. They may be surprised that someone took the time to notice them in a special way. You can send a thank you via email or text, or better yet pick up a bunch of flowers from the local market, they have great deals for under 20 bucks most of the time. Or maybe their favorite brand of cookies, or candy would be appreciated. A hand written note is always appreciated as well, especially since most communication is sent via email, or text. You can always add a special photo to the hand written note for a special touch. Whatever you decide to do, do it today. Appreciate your family today, love them today, no one is promised tomorrow.

All the best,


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