Family Fun Night @ Safe Haven Church

Right now, Seleste is asleep, Seth is playing Wii (he so earned some Wii time) and the day care friends are napping. This is THE PERFECT time for me to sit down and blog for you my dear readers, who still like reading my blog, which totally amazes me and humbles me more than you know.

So I thought I would share what our Family Fun Nights are like since many of you are curious about the crazy fun we have once a month at The Amped Up Amphitheatre sponsored by Safe Haven Church (shameless plug).

So far our themes have been: Minute to Win It, Angry Birds, and more recently our Easter Family Fun Night, referred to as FFN for the rest of this blog for the sake of me trying to type as fast as I can while everyone is occupied (wink, wink). Actually, I know I’ll have to save this as a draft then return later…I hear my little one.

Ok, I’m back. Each FFN has been SO MUCH FUN! That’s why I wanted to share a sneak peek with you all because a lot of you ask what it is like, and really I feel like a picture is worth 1,000 words so enjoy the pictures of Heart My Family Fun Night, and the quirky captions. If you ever want to check it out in person we only have FFN once per month on a Thursday evening. Here is our Facebook page so you can check out the dates of our events and the themes. There is no cover charge, most of the time we all contribute by bringing a little something to eat or drink. The goal of FFN is to provide families with a safe, creative, and fun evening. We all know how precious time is, and how much more precious is time with our families? We noticed the need for families to get together and have fun without breaking the bank so we thought let’s have FFN! It has been an instant hit and many people join us again and again, month after month!

Look at these AWESOME T's! Heart My Family was our theme in February, and everyone was sporting them on FFN. We made sure every family had the opportunity to have their family photo taken as well. Thank you Scott Swedo, our photographer!
FFN = Family, Friends, Fun, and Food!
We ❤ our Families!
Waiting for the games to begin - MINUTE TO WIN IT!
Looking good while waiting!
Welcome to Safe Haven FFN, meet our Guy Fieri "look alike", Don't you love, I mean ❤ the hair?
Egg Roll time!
Look at that Egg Roll! This was no easy task 23 seconds left!
Face The Cookie, here we go!
Cookies on the floor! Uh Oh!
Hanky Panky was next, the object of this game was to see how many Hankies you could pull out of the box with one hand behind your back. 3, 2, 1 GO!
Seth playing Hanky Panky, his hand is behind his back I promise!
Roll With It, Baby!
Kristen rocking the roll, she killed this game, Kristen is the champ!
EXTREME Hanky Panky, this is no joke people. (Disclaimer - I did not make up the names of these games) The object of EXTREME Hanky Panky is to pull Hankies out of 2 tissue boxes! Lord have mercy!I told you this was no joke!
We enjoyed cake, it was awesome! Herman's Bakery = Yumminess!
Everyone had a great time at the craft table too. Something for everyone!

So Most Dear Readers, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of just one of our FFN’s. I really need to post each individually because every single FFN has a different theme and is just TOO MUCH FUN!

If you live in our area, consider yourself personally invited to our future FFN’s you can find out more on our Safe Haven Facebook Page by “liking” us, or our website Life is precious so let’s enjoy every moment of Life Together. Much love and blessings to you all, and have a great day!



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