November 9th “Thankful Thought”

Today I am thankful for divine protection. Yesterday when Scott arrived home from work, he shared with us that the vehicle he drives to work was making a funny noise that kept getting louder and louder. Scott went back outside to investigate and discovered that the serpentine belt was cracked half the way through. The picture below is not our actual belt, but I wanted to include a picture of a cracked serpentine belt. The miracle is that the belt did not snap while Scott was driving home, and we were able to drive it to the mechanic without it snapping. God is so good to us, He protects us when we don’t even realize. Have you ever had an experience like this? What is your thankful thought today? Comments welcome.

2 thoughts on “November 9th “Thankful Thought”

  1. Christine Stidham November 10, 2010 — 1:24 pm

    Monday I was thankful for my “mom van” to transport Gabby and her friends to the mall to go to the movies while still having room for my two youngest. Tuesday I was thankful for the home school teacher, vision specialist and occupational therapist that come to work with my private duty patient. Today I am thankful that I get to volunteer at a staff appreciation dinner for the teachers. I am making Sandra’s famous chicken buffalo dip! 🙂

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