Family Night – Back to School

This is a fun idea we did last year to celebrate Back to School! Enjoy!!!

We decided to celebrate Seth beginning his second grade year, so we had a Back to School Family Night. I was inspired by another blog post by Heather Whittaker at

Other ideas just came naturally when I got into the Back to School spirit. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Table set with class schedules and lunch passes. Everyone had a

Our family activities were listed on the class schedule. We could also redeem our lunch passes for a hot dinner if we did not like what was in our lunch bags.
Ru Ru acted as the Principal and rang the bell to start our Back to School Family Night. She also rang the bell in between
Our first class was Spelling, we each had cups of alphabet noodle soup and had to spell out our names on a plate. The first one to complete the assignment was the winner.

Seth won! The rest of us kept working until we found all the letters for our names.
Next, the bell rang and in was time for lunch (really dinner).
PB and J, Peaches, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Capri Sun.
Seth redeemed his Lunch Pass for a hot dinner.
Ru Ru wanted her lunch, she said it had been forever since she enjoyed PB and J.
I took a few bites of the PB and J, then decided on using my lunch pass for a hot dinner.
Scott also redeemed his lunch pass, he made homemade calzones.

The bell rang again, and the next class was the

Every class has a clown, I simply could not resist getting Seth Whoopie Cushions. He loved them and it was perfect timing because the bell rang again and it was time for Recess.
After Recess, Seth enjoyed playing Lego Battleship with Mommy and worked on problem solving. This is a picture of all the school supplies.
This is half of Seth
This is the other half of Seth
Calvert School Curriculum
We enjoyed setting up Seth
Ready for school, nice and neat, let

6 thoughts on “Family Night – Back to School

  1. We are having a back-to-school themed family night tomorrow. Got a lot of cool ideas from this post. I especially like the alphabet soup spelling game. Thanks for sharing! Best wishes to you as another school year begins!

    1. Awesome Dawn! Glad you liked the ideas :o) Please share with us how things went for your family!

      1. You are so sweet to respond. I wrote about our family night (along with some other back-to-school news mostly for the grandparents’ benefit) here:

        We gave out pencils and other little school supply doodas as prizes after the games, and the kids just loved it. Thanks, again!

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