To Homeschool or not to Homeschool

There are so many reasons why Scott and I chose to Homeschool Seth. First, let me just say that I know homeschooling is not for everyone, and that many people have mixed opinions about homeschooling. I respect those opinions and think that every family needs to do what is best for their family. Also, Scott and I have a huge support system in my mother, she helps us with Seth immensely, we are able to do many things because of her dedication to our family. She is wonderful.

Homeschooling is a very personal decision because it changes everything about your schedule as a parent. I sometimes like to think of the patriarchs and sages of old, that devoted themselves to the future generations by training and teaching them to be good citizens and love the Word of God.  Scott and I visit the Central Hebrew bookstore 220 Resiterstown Road in Reisterstown, MD. On one occasion we were purchasing items to teach the children about Passover, we were serving as Children’s Pastors at the time. When the owner of the bookstore found out why we were purchasing the items, he smiled very big, and with a sparkle in his eye said, “What you are doing, is so important, in synagogue we save the very best Rabbis for the children, after all they are our future.” That simple word of encouragement blessed me so much, and has stuck with me throughout my service in ministry. I never again felt like a babysitter, I felt important, chosen by God to teach His little ones, and so did Scott. We were fueled to become better teachers and so when the time came to choose how we would educate Seth, the choice was easy, we would homeschool.

Scott and I both questioned many times if we should homeschool, would we have time, could we do it, what would our family think? Once we investigated, (well Scott did most of the investigating), we decided on Calvert School. Here’s the link:

Calvert has so many benefits, but the one that sealed the deal for us was Calvert’s Advisory Teaching Service or ATS. ATS offers instructional support for your Kindergarten through Eighth Grade student. The homeschooling parent enters a partnership with an educator that offers support in the education of your child. Perfect! I loved the idea of an educator checking Seth’s work, tests, and making sure that he is progressing well. Calvert’s ATS boosted my confidence, and therefore I was able to give so much more to Seth’s education.

Many friends ask us about our homeschool schedule. We pace ourselves, and if Seth is becoming frustrated with his work, or it seems like we all just need a break, we break. I do not beat myself up if we do not get through every subject each day, instead we focus on the achievements, and strive to complete our tasks within the goals we set. The times of day that we homeschool may vary as well, sometimes we homeschool during the day, sometimes we homeschool in the evening.

Every homeschool mom I have talked with all have different reasons for homeschooling all of them are good reasons. Some may want to spend more time with their child, others say their children were not receiving the attention they needed from their school. Scott and I homeschool because we want to, we love our son, and this is what we feel is best for him. In the future, should he ask to go to public or private school, we will just cross that bridge when we get there.

Some people ask, “Well what about Seth’s social interaction?” My answer is simple Seth has always had the gift to make new friends, and keep friends. We encourage him to enjoy extra curricular activities and he has always been very social. Just ask any one of our friends, Seth will talk your ear off if you let him. He gets that honest.

Right now, we are enjoying every minute with Seth, time flies, and we cherish every moment. Seth was a gift from God, created by our loving Father in heaven, just for us. Raising Seth is a huge responsibility for Scott and I, my mother helps us so much and there is no way on earth Scott and I could do all we do without her love and support. My mother is a big part of Seth’s life and his education. We all raise Seth in love and in correction with the dream that one day he will grow up to be a fine young man that loves God with all of his heart.

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