Water, Water, Everywhere

Today showers of blessings covered Maryland as Tropical Storm Nicole made her way up the East Coast. I thought it was interesting that the name Nicole in Greek means “victory” and “people”.  Many “people” may think that this rainy weather had “victory” over their day, however some funny and helpful Facebook stats from a few of my friends beat the rainy day blues with some pretty great ideas.

One family on Facebook put on their swimsuits and played in the rain, another family gave one another rides in a yellow wagon, and other friends used Facebook and shared with loved ones pictures of road closings, and posted school closings as well. Very thoughtful, and very creative.

Now, if you happen to work in a Home Day Care and have 8 children under one roof and can’t go outside and play, you learn to improvise. So what do you do when your little friends look out of the window like this:

Rainy Day

Answer: A little bit of everything. We broke out some craft foam and golf tees and little plastic hammers and practiced our carpentry skills. It was noisy and supervised of course. We started a painting project, then we watched Between the Lions. After lunchtime we got ready for naptime, and all was quiet for about 2 hours. When the little friends awoke they enjoyed a snack, and finished painting, colored with chalk, and completed a collage of Forest Animals our theme for this week. Here is a peak into our day:

We all made the best of it, and we all had a great day! Hope you had a great day too!

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