Dear Lovely Friends,

In February 2018, I bought a Young Living Premium Starter Kit with a diffuser for my family after I watched a video about essential oils from my friend. I had no intentions to “sell” Young Living. Heaven knows I already have enough on my plate and I did not want to add another thing to my To Do list. Know what I mean?

As I began to use the oils every single day, I began to feel differently about the business of Young Living Essential Oils. The more I read about the science behind essential oils and learning more and more, the more I fell in love with oils.

I was really on the fence. I decided to research other brands, and dig deeper. Everything kept pointing me to Young Living. As a big believer in the “when in doubt don’t” I waited. Then something really strange happened. As I was having good conversations with my friends and listening to them saying things like:

“I wish my baby won’t sleep through the night”

“I feel so stressed out.”

“If I had more energy I would feel better.”

I began to remember the articles I read about how using essential oils in your life can support deeper relaxation, high-quality sleep, and more alert and energetic behavior. So I did what any good friend would do. I started to give away my oils. I made up roller bottles of lavender, frankincense, and coconut oils. I gave them the recipes. I sent them links to great websites so they could learn more just like I did. And then it happened. They wanted to order from me. So, I said, “Oh I just use the oils, I don’t sell them, but you can sign up like I did here’s how.” and then I signed them up with the full intention of “not selling”. Well, that all started to change on April 7, 2018. Here’s what happened.

My dear friend and I had been talking about the oils and how much we loved them. For me, I especially love the Seed to Seal Promise too. WE REALLY LOVE OUR OILS! She encouraged me to try the business, even though she already had a business of her own that she could have easily tried to recruit me into working for her! She’s so unselfish. We were sitting around the dining room table at her party with a few ladies I had just met, the ladies started talking about their concerns, and without missing a beat she said, “Stephanie, isn’t there an oil for that?” and “Stephanie sells Young Living Essential Oils!” from that day on even though I was nervous about starting I knew she was right and that I should join the business of Young Living Essential Oils! When I got home, I talked to her again and thanked her because in my heart I wanted to decide to do the business, and her enthusiasm helped to push me forward.

I needed to know more about Young Living before I hit the ground running, so I decided to attend a Young Living leadership conference called Empower. It was a one-day event. I was going to be serious about starting this business. I needed to have my questions answered by smart business leaders who had been there, done that, got the T-shirt. My very supportive husband went with me and together we sat there all day like sponges soaking everything in. One speaker really helped to tip the scales for me, I was off the fence and wanted to do this, but I was not hitting the ground running, yet. I will forever be grateful to Annie Hauser. As she spoke at Empower I connected with her on multiple levels and decided right then and there that I WOULD GET SERIOUS, I WOULD NOT BE AFRAID, AND I WOULD HIT THE GROUND AND RUN MY YOUNG LIVING BUSINESS! How could I not? I have seen a difference in our lives by using the oils, why wouldn’t I share this with those I love?  I feel like I owe it to everyone who will listen and help to educate them about these precious oils. I like to say that they are like liquid gold!

As a family, we are kicking toxic chemicals to the curb one room at a time thanks to the Young Living Essential Rewards program. I had no idea that the average female uses 300 chemicals every day and 80 of those chemicals are before breakfast. They are found in Cleansers, Conditioners, Shampoos, Deodorant, and Make-up. Now I know, I am doing something about it too. The money that I would normally spend at my favorite store, I now use to purchase therapeutic grade high-quality plant-based products made with essential oils! We even clean with Young Living Essential Oils too! And to think, this all started because I watched a video about the power of essential oils and ordered a Premium Starter Kit. Please feel comfortable contacting me if you want to know more. I am posting this story to encourage you, there are better ways to live your best life. Start small like I did, learn more, and grow from there. You will be so happy you did! Many blessings to you all.



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