Why did you decide to publish your stories?

I decided to publish my stories because I enjoy making people happy. When I told my stories to the crowds of “Little Friends” I noticed that many of the children were captivated and loved to laugh and smile as I shared the story with them. Parents have asked me if any of my stories were in print, and I had to answer no. That’s when I started thinking about publishing my stories to make them available for others to enjoy over and over, not just at special events.

Why do you color outside of the lines?

Many of my “Little Friends” are just learning to color, some of them color outside of the lines. I just wanted my “Little Friends” to be encouraged when they read my stories, if they look at my art and see that it’s okay to color outside the lines then that makes me happy. I feel that all art is beautiful, and that every artist is special. Anyone can draw and edit that drawing to make it look perfect, but I’m not perfect and neither is my art. And, that’s okay because what makes me and my art different, is what makes me special. It’s the same thing that makes my “Little Friends” special too.

Are you still a traveling Storyteller?

Lately, I haven’t been traveling. That’s another reason why I wanted to get my stories into your hands, I miss sharing my stories with all my “Little Friends”. Right now, my job is to be a fun Mommy to my two children, and support our church by being a good Pastor’s Wife.

Why should I read your books?

You will fall in love with my stories because the characters present real life situations that can help you as a parent or educator address certain issues with greater ease. Children love being read to, and there is nothing in the world quite like sitting down next to someone you love and admire, and listening to, or reading a story. I wanted to help parents and educators discuss important topics with children in a fun and fresh way. Storytelling is a great way to do this.

If I email you a question will you get back to me?


It may take me a little while, because answering emails takes time, however I will get back to you. You are important to me, your children are important to me, that’s why I do what I do. Every email is special to me, because that means you took the time to contact me, so how can I not respond? Just be patient with me please.

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