Bloom Where You’re Planted

This first time I heard this phrase I couldn’t wait to tell my Mom, I thought this was such a cool way to look at where you are in life and then decide to BLOOM! To my BIG SURPRISE, my Mom lovingly shared with me that she had heard the phrase before, I thought I had discovered some new profound phrase, I was younger… And guess where my Mom found out about the phrase???

On a sticker, on the back of my Grandmother’s wheelchair! OF ALL PLACES!!! How inspiring is that? Instead of my Grandmother being down because she was in a wheelchair, she decided to BLOOM!!! My Grandmother is in heaven now,  she passed away when I was very young, but she sported that sticker around with her overcoming attitude and love for life. My Grandmother gave all she had to help spread the message of God’s love. Now I know she is BLOOMING in heaven just as she BLOOMED here on earth.

So the next time you are feeling blue, or are disliking where you are in life, or work, please take a minute to stop, and reflect on all the gifts in your life. Things could be much, much worse. Then BLOOM where you’re planted! You may just inspire someone else to do the same. Have a happy day!



Baby Manicure

Trimming baby nails can make anyone a little nervous. As a licensed Cosmetologist I’ve done my fair share of manicures and pedicures, but when it comes to trimming my little baby girl’s nails I do get nervous. So I thought I’d share some tips that help me when Seleste visits our in home salon 🙂

Tip 1: Trim nails after a bath because the nails will be softer and easier to trim.

Tip 2: Gather your supplies


I use a nail trimmer a flashlight and a file. I also trim her nails while she is laying down since she loves to kick! I hold the flashlight in my mouth and shine it right on her little hands and feet this way I can see the white free edge much better as I trim.


Next I file the nails and then clean the nail dust off of her fingers and toes with a wet clothe.

Last Tip: I place her feet flat on the surface on the bed this way she doesn’t kick.


The end result is a happy baby and a happy Mommy! No scratched faces no sharp nails.