Water (via Growing Together)

Water  This month we’ve been talking about growing together. Growing together as families, Growing together as Christ followers, and growing together as a community. For something to grow it needs a few basic things: Soil – a good foundation or environment to grow from, Seed – a source or spark of life, and today we’re going to talk about water. For a seed to grow it has to have nourishment, and so do we, and that’s what we’re going to be exploring to … Read More

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The Seed (via Growing Together)

The Seed Today we’re continuing our October discussion series Growing Together.Our goal is to grow together as families, grow together as Christ followers and to grow together as a community. Last week we discussed that just like plants we need some basic elements in order to grow Soil, Seed, Water, and Light. We focused on Soil how we need a good foundation to grow from and a good environment to support our growth. John 1:1-4 In the beginning was the Wor … Read More

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Growing Together The Series (via Growing Together)

Growing Together The Series This month our focus is all about Growing Together. Growing Together as families, Growing Together as Christ Followers, and Growing Together as a community. LUKE 8:5-15 What kind of SOIL surrounds you? As a family we need to make sure that our SOIL is nurturing, a wonderful place to grow, learn, and become what we were created to become. It’s easy to take one another for g … Read More

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Science with Seth

Seth’s Science assignment was to create a lilypad and decide where to place the frog on the lilypad.

First we painted the lilypad.

Next we placed the lilypad into the “pond” of water.

Then we placed the frog on the lilypad to see if he would float.

And…he did.

We recorded our observations into our Science log.

We heart Science!

Home School with Seth

Thought you all might enjoy taking a peak into our Home School Math session.

This is one of Seth’s Math workbook pages. The first few lessons are mostly review from last year. Seth wanted to try using a mechanical pencil. He did very well.

The pictures above show another part of Seth’ s Math lesson. For this activity Seth read a story book to me out loud, then we talked about the story: what happened first, next, and last. We noticed the order of the page numbers, and talked about before and after. This book is very special to us because it was a gift from our dear friends Ben and Miranda. Seth was the ring bearer in their wedding in 2004. Their gift to him was a personalized book about God’s Gifts to Seth. Since it had been awhile since we enjoyed the book I thought it would make a nice addition to the lesson. Also the book has over 30 pages so it’s great for reading.

Seth completes his Math lesson with an online game review. We love being able to use this unique and fun curriculum. Calvert School is really perfect for our family.

Family Night – Back to School

This is a fun idea we did last year to celebrate Back to School! Enjoy!!!

We decided to celebrate Seth beginning his second grade year, so we had a Back to School Family Night. I was inspired by another blog post by Heather Whittaker at http://whittakerwoman.typepad.com/

Other ideas just came naturally when I got into the Back to School spirit. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Table set with class schedules and lunch passes. Everyone had a


Our family activities were listed on the class schedule. We could also redeem our lunch passes for a hot dinner if we did not like what was in our lunch bags.

Ru Ru acted as the Principal and rang the bell to start our Back to School Family Night. She also rang the bell in between

Our first class was Spelling, we each had cups of alphabet noodle soup and had to spell out our names on a plate. The first one to complete the assignment was the winner.

Seth won! The rest of us kept working until we found all the letters for our names.

Next, the bell rang and in was time for lunch (really dinner).

PB and J, Peaches, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Capri Sun.

Seth redeemed his Lunch Pass for a hot dinner.

Ru Ru wanted her lunch, she said it had been forever since she enjoyed PB and J.

I took a few bites of the PB and J, then decided on using my lunch pass for a hot dinner.

Scott also redeemed his lunch pass, he made homemade calzones.


The bell rang again, and the next class was the

Every class has a clown, I simply could not resist getting Seth Whoopie Cushions. He loved them and it was perfect timing because the bell rang again and it was time for Recess.

After Recess, Seth enjoyed playing Lego Battleship with Mommy and worked on problem solving. This is a picture of all the school supplies.

This is half of Seth

This is the other half of Seth

Calvert School Curriculum

We enjoyed setting up Seth

Ready for school, nice and neat, let

Art Class

Seth enjoyed his first art class today. The instructor encouraged the children to use a flat brush and watercolors. They learned how to use the thick and thin sides of the flat brush, making different sized lines. Next they made their own color wheels blending the primary colors to create secondary colors needed to complete the color wheel. We had a great time!